New Americans in Toledo

New American Economy has developed a series of research briefs that examine the demographic and economic contributions of immigrant communities in cities across Ohio. The fourth report in the series focuses on Toledo and provides information on how immigrants have strengthened the local tax base, boosted the economy through entrepreneurship, and increased housing wealth.

The report, “New Americans in Toledo,” finds

  • Foreign-born households have more than $242 million in spending power and have contributed over $31 million in taxes to state and local budgets.
  • Between 2007 and 2012, Toledo saw its overall population decline by 1.6 percent. In this same time period, however, the city’s foreign-born population increased by 2.5 percent, helping to offset the decline.
  • The foreign-born in Toledo are more than twice as likely as U.S.-born residents to run their own businesses
  • Toledo’s foreign-born residents tend to have significantly higher levels of educational attainment than the general population: while a little over 11 percent of the city’s U.S.-born population hold at least a bachelor’s degree, nearly 32 percent of immigrants hold an equivalent degree.
  • Between 2000 and 2010, the influx of immigrants to Lucas County increased total housing value by $45.9 million.

Read the full report here, and see similar reports on CincinnatiDayton, and Columbus.

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